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    Sunshine Diamond River
    Type: High-class apartment
    Owner: SunShine Group
    Construction: 2019
    Block number: 12
    Sunshine Diamond River
    High-class apartment
    Block number:
    Sunshine Diamond River - Where is Sunshine Group's 2nd District 7 apartment project? Should I buy in? Refer to preliminary information & view of Tran Dinh Hieu about Sunshine Diamond River apartment in District 7 through the article below.
    Perspective illustration
    Information Sunshine Diamond River District 7
    Project name: Sunshine Diamond River (Sunshine River City).
    Location: 422 Dao Tri, Phu Thuan Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City.
    Area: 112,585 m2.
    Building density: 23.6%.
    Type: luxury apartment, Commercial, Service, Office, Shophouse, Officetel ...
    Owner: Sunshine Group.
    General contractor: An Phong.
    Management & operation: Sunshine Service.
    Scale: 12 towers.
    Construction started: Quarter I / 2019
    Legal: Pink book
    Property: long-term for Vietnamese people, 50 years for foreigners.
    Sunshine Group is about to launch the first project of the Sky Villas segment right in the center of Thu Thiem new urban area.
    We appreciate that this is a place to live in high-class with a different life experience that customers should consult. See Tran Dinh Hieu's review article about SUNSHINE VENICIA now for details & views of why to buy to stay.
    Sunshine Diamond River District 7 - should buy to stay?
    From Tran Dinh Hieu's perspective, if customers want to buy high-end District 7 apartment in 2019. Sunshine Diamond River is a very desirable choice, the reason:
    + The project is located on Dao Tri Street, only 5 minutes away from Phu My Hung urban area.
    + Bordering on the big river in Saigon, adjacent to the super urban project of Red Light Cape Park.
    + Invested by SunShine Group, a big brand, owns many golden land funds. Financial and prestige potential has been confirmed through many projects.
    + Enjoy the utility ecosystem, class service of Sunshine Group.
    + The future resident community is a civilized community.
    + Potential increase in prices due to similar land fund is almost no longer, the transport infrastructure in the area is being focused on investment. Value added also comes from the value of living that apartment
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